Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Unleash your hidden business online

Sometimes the obvious is invisible ... when you are too close to the subject. This is true of most small businesses who take for granted qualities that customers may think important ... and such qualities may be what define your business as GREAT.

With this in mind ... take the extra time to find out why customers are loyal, keep coming back and send others. This knowledge is priceless! When you put in the extra effort it shows and customers respond ... when you don't your business dies a slow death. But you may not even be giving yourself credit where credit is due, and may actually be missing out on key business that is just waiting to land in your lap!

A quick case in point ... we helped design a wedding photographers website to show the quality and help with bookings. One piece of our strategy was to put proofs of each wedding in a "private" review area where both family and guests could see all of the proofs. Amazingly print sales soared, and we discovered that nearly as many guests bought prints from the gallery as family, creating a whole new circle of customers ... some who later also had THEIR weddings done by the same photographer.

This is typical of what online marketing can do for small business ... tap into a whole new class of customers. Websites that started out as "online brochures" grow into internet businesses. All thats needed is to keep an open eye and ear to what makes your customers tick ... and the willingness to try something new. Call us for a free evaluation at 212-604-0666