Monday, March 22, 2010

a new HealthCare Horizon? Using Social Media ... maybe.

With a light finally showing at the end of a very long tunnel, Healthcare reform at least has a chance. Hopefully Americans will not allow the negatively charged dialog to allow Republicans and right leaning state governments to snatch defeat from the mouth of victory. Anyone defending the previous status quo is either unaware of the insanity of healthcare system unfairness, or is profiting via the AMA/Pharma machine.

As a small business owner, I have watched in pain as the current system turned the US into a third world nation where healthcare is involved. I have heard from pharma execs themselves that fair pricing was a "nightmare". In Big Pharma thinking, Canadian companies should be prevented from buying US pharma products at "fair trade" price and selling them at a decent profit ... still well under what the Pharmas charge the US Health system.

Anyone who believes our Healthcare system is "private" has never looked at the surcharges and hidden costs paid by the government via Medicare and Medicaid to greedy insurers and medical companies. As the corrupt machinery is reviewed and unraveled, an unprecedented level of scrutiny will be on the process. The emerging public platform of Social Media has both a capability and the responsibility to shine lights into back room discussions and assure that the same hands that have been picking our wallets for decades don't find new devious means to exploit.

Knowlege IS power in the truest sense of our new political reality ... and the Social Media community as a whole has the opportunity to show America how "political intelligence" can be more than an oxymoron. Lets shine many spotlights where the sun don't ... and let the truth lead us all to creating a new and better US Healthcare system than we've ever seen.

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